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Sniffing Around

November 27, 2006
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Totally inspired by Jenny’s Separated at Birth post (although, um, I had no idea what Brendon Urie looked like…), and also by this awesome blog Don’t Waste the Pretty, I saw something while pouring over Sebastian’s GQ this morning at Pastis.

Lindsay Lohan looks a little odd in this photo…

Is it because she’s trying to look JUST like Kate Moss?

Especially the nose and the little pout! There’s got to be a way to get that nose with a little makeup… any ideas?


Think About It

November 22, 2006
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Clueless Girls Swapped!

November 14, 2006

Here Jenny, this should cheer you up – it seems that the popular high school girls can become total nerds, and vice versa.  Here’s the ultimate proof:

Here’s Brittany Murphy, who used to be trashy and totally rejected from the cheerleading squad in Clueless, looking seriously incredible at the Happy Feet premiere.

And here’s Alicia Silverstone, former Clueless prom queen, looking WAY not as good as Brittany Murphy.  I guess it’s a good thing that Brittany’s been in the spotlight so much, so she could see pics of herself and how she needs to evolve her style.  After all, a watched pot never spoils.  Or whatever.

Me Time

November 13, 2006

Happy Premiere Week! The Sunset Heat people sent me this questionnaire and asked me to fill it out so you could get to know me a little better before the show starts. Anyway, I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am. Please keep it in mind when you watch the trailer and see me push Jen into the pool. It was an out-of-love thing, I swear.

Age: 22
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Song: Girls on Film, SOS
Favorite Movie: Marie Antoinette, I saw it in Cannes. Okay, I went out there to get discovered but it didn’t quite work. But it’s okay because I ended up getting tres cozy with this actor who my stepmom has a crush on and she got totally jealous. Ha. Almost as good as getting on camera.
Favorite Websites: US,,
Favorite Store: Intermix in the city, Blue & Cream in the Hamptons, Colette in Paris but honestly I shop at Zara there more than anywhere else. I also like Forever 21, Jenny got me into it!
Favorite Restaurant: La Esquina but in my neighborhood I like breakfast at Pastis and the mac & cheese at Florent, and the hamburgers at Soho House are good but not as good as the guys there in the summer. Bette makes the best fries.
Favorite Hobby: Dating, does dating count?
Favorite Place: Bungalow 8 or Double Seven, depending on the night. There’s also a really adorable coffee shop on 8th Avenue and 13th St. that I go to when I need some quiet.
Secret Wish: I wish my parents would stop fighting. Neither of them know how to use the internet so I’m not so worried that they’ll discover this.
Not So Secret Wish: Duh I’m going to be the next Nicole Richie. But taller I guess, and I’ve never dated a DJ.
Biggest Achievement: I was in a Bill Cunningham photo spread for Sunday Styles this spring and I didn’t fight with Eva or Jenny once during our Sunset Heat vacation. Well, I mean, they were just harmless friend fights I swear.
You’ll Never Have… A stylist… or a hamburger, I’m a vegetarian. Sorry Sebastian!

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Why I Love Sebastian

November 11, 2006
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love him. love him. love him.

ps – if you want to read the letter bigger, click here

Shoe Fetish

November 11, 2006
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Once Lauren Davis told me (and then told all of Bazaar) that “running is for children and thieves” and I should never own a pair of sneakers.

Well I do, the Nanette Lepore for Keds slip-ons that Mischa Barton has, but anyway, today I found these sneakers named for a certain Southern blonde:

Cute, right? Try to guess who’s got their name, or click to find out.

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What I Packed the Day I Was Discovered

November 10, 2006
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This is what I wore on the beach, the first day when the producers came up to me.

Clockwise from top left: my Juicy Sidekick (Eva has one too) open to my MySpace page natch, Proof by David Auburn (best. play. ever. dying to do it!), string bikini bottom by Etro, my mom’s old Fendi bag, Max Factor pink lipgloss, an Inca bikini top, H0llwould suede heels, and this sunscreen I got in Argentina.

How does it look on me?  Find out soon!

Hint hint hint… but I figured if you’re reading your blog, you should know: our series starts showing trailers online next week – keep checking back for the link and remember, the early bird catches the guy… at least, that’s why I keep telling Jenny to work out in the mornings… okay, whatever…

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No Fame, No Gain

November 2, 2006

There was this one time when I wanted to give up.

It was just after coming back from vacation – yes, this vacation, the one you’ll uTube and iTune and watch over and over until it makes you late for whatever cocktail party handbag launch birthday fete you’ve got. But right after, I wanted to give up, because Sebastian wasn’t calling and my tan lines weren’t staying and the whole thing was just rotten.

I mean, if beauty is in the guy of the beholder, and Sebastian wasn’t calling, then I was a total mess, right?

So I refused to get out of bed. My mom caught me when I stood her up at Tartine for brunch at Tartine. She stomped into my room and said, “Sophia, this is behavior I would expect from your stepmother and not from you.” Talk about people in glass houses not throwing shoes. Yikes.

I said, “Mom, I’m screwed. I’m 22 and I’m not famous yet. We just filmed this whole thing at the beach and I’m sure I look awful – not unpretty awful, like terribly mean awful – because I shoved Jenny into that pool and now Sebastian won’t even call me. They’re going to be laughing at me harder than one of those poor kids on Parental Control. I’m not even an It Girl. Socialite Rank hasn’t placed me. Nobody’s compared me to Edie Sedgwick. I didn’t get to do the Burberry campaign. I haven’t starred in a Genet play where my couture collection is slammed all over the stage as the set. My life is over and nobody even knows about it!”

And mom said, “No Sophia. You’re lucky that nobody is obsessed with you yet. Isn’t it sad that some see your friends as “number three” or “the ones in the Feria ads” instead of the really amazing women they are? And aren’t you lucky you can still show people that?”

So I got up and threw on some Splendid tank dress, and I totally loved my mom right then.


When I got home, I started obsessively looking at Gemma Ward’s MySpace profile? And I was like, damn, I have a lot of work to do.

And then Sebastian called…

PS – Eva and I are going shopping tonight, should make me feel a little better

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