Sophia (Not Coppola)

The Crying Game | December 1, 2006

I have to say I’m incredibly impressed with Sebastian lately.


He’s been SO good dealing with Jenny.  She’s so bummed about Eva sleeping with her ex that she’s barely left Williamsburg, but Sebastian managed to get her all the way to STK for dinner this week.  And he makes her little drawings to tell her she’s fabulous.  And he puts up with her crazy taste in music, where every band starts with “the” and wears jeans that have been in the shrink cycle.  And even when she totally loses it and bursts into tears – she did that on Sunday, when we were all watching Entourage reruns – he was totally cool.  Meanwhile, I’m like, Jenny, shut up, Adrian Grenier is about to smile again, hello.

But it was weird.  When he left to go walk Chaucer, I was thisclose to saying, “Omigosh, Jen, you should just date Sebastian” but somehow, I didn’t.  I started thinking about Bass and Jenny together and I got a little bit upset, like, that’s so wrong.  Jenny’s much too unpredictable for Sebastian, she never knows how she’s feeling and she parties way too much with her weird hipster friends in Brooklyn.  And Sebastian is always uptown with Chaucer and his friend Juergen, and all those other oil-trust-fund boys that Socialite Rank pretends they don’t know.  And he stays in and paints all day, I mean, Jenny would be so bored.

Don’t they understand that they’re just wrong for each other?!  Ugh it makes me want to scream.  Sebastian needs someone more aloof than Jenny.  Someone who can harness the spotlight for herself because Sebastian is so shy.  Someone to show him the evils of eating steak every day.  Someone to throw him fabulous benefits for his art.

Well, whatever.  This whole thing is making me crave Tasty Delite so bad.


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