Sophia (Not Coppola)

On My Own | December 25, 2006

Christmas isn’t exactly the best time for me because my parents are always fighting.  At last count I think I had three stepmothers, one stepdad, one step boyfriend, five step siblings in various stages of wretched, and two parents who still can’t get over each other despite their various marriages and affairs and whatever.

So on Christmas, I usually have Chinese food and a movie.

And yeah, it’s by myself.

Pretty sad, huh?

But here’s the weird thing.  Today Jenny texted me.  Really the first time since Eva’s Christmas Party Disaster.  It’s in all caps cause it’s like a historical event by now.  She texts me and she goes “Hey I know Christmas is bad for you. Want to come to my family’s house on the Upper West Side?  My mom makes really good martinis.”


So I’m off.  I’m nervous but I figure any awkward pauses with Jenny are way better than sitting by myself watching Notting Hill for the 2000000th time.  And anyway, it’s amazing to know she’s being such a good friend.

Seriously, is any guy going to be good enough for her?


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