Sophia (Not Coppola)

Gossip Girl, Part One | January 6, 2007

Aaah! Finally back from Palm Beach with my ridiculous family (not even my real family, half of them are step and the other half I’m like praying I’m not actually related to. And Palm Beach is soooo boring, not at all like Sunset Heat).

Anyway, of course the first thing I grab is Page Six (okay, cheating, I don’t grab it, our housekeeper Vera leaves it out on the table with breakfast…) and it has this thinly veiled guessing game… which of course I’ve decided to keep guessing on. What do you guys think?

WHICH ubiquitous blond clotheshorse is gaining a reputation for being dumb as a brick, obnoxious, spoiled and hard to work with? Look for several business deals to fall through next year due to her waning appeal

(um, Paris, Sienna, Ashley Olsen?)

WHICH terrifyingly thin celeb convinced friends she needs to re-enter rehab for anorexia by telling them she survives on decaf Starbucks and mixed nuts?

(um, Nicole, Kate Bosworth, MK?)

WHICH back-stabbing friend of an overly publicized starlet is on retainer at a high-selling tabloid? When she’s not trying to copy the star or steal her boyfriends, she’s selling secrets to the rags.

(see, this one is good…)


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