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Best Week Ever? Not So Much. | January 27, 2007

Sorry I took a time out from the blog but I’m getting a little self conscious.  I know that I’m not the best writer and that sometimes I can be a space cadet, but… well, here’s what happened.

Last week I was talking to Sebastian, and I was like, let’s go to Doma and drink coffee all day, and he was like “why? don’t you want to go shop and party?” And I felt like Cher in Clueless when she has to ask Paul Rudd “Is that all I am to you, a ditz with a credit card?”

And I realize that I love Nicole Richie and drinks and shopping.  But I’m way insulted.  I didn’t even expect to be insulted, but for some reason it really bothered me.  And I said, “no, I think I just want to talk” and he said okay but I could tell he didn’t mean it.  I could tell.

And I thought, fine, you know what? I’ll go myself.  So I walked to Gitane in Michael Kors flat boots because I guess I was feeling more intellectual.  I brought my copy of “Lipstick Jungle” and I sat with a latte and I read.  I looked up and everybody else was reading.  Not Sidekicking.  Not flirting.  Reading.  And the weird thing is, it felt peaceful.  It felt nice.  It was a little like getting a pedicure, but you didn’t have to talk to anybody which is of course the annoying part.

Just when I got to the “Lipstick Jungle” part that I’m convinced is about Anna Wintour (Eva says it’s not but what does she know? She only worked at Not Vogue), this guy takes the seat next to me.  He looks a little like Jude Law.  Then he starts talking and I’m like, wait a second, are you actually Jude Law?

But here’s the thing – he’s like, “is that coffee good? I never know what to get in an American coffee shop,” like trying to play the whole British thing?  And normally I would be so into the entire ordeal and I would be like, “do you want a sip” and then it’s basically like pre-kissing because we’re sharing a cup, you know?  But instead I’m like, “it’s good coffee, but it’s even better when it’s quiet.”  And I got up and left.

Then yesterday I passed by NYU on my way to Forever 21? Which I will totally admit I shop at?  And I saw these course catalogues in the window.  I took one.  I started reading about classes on marketing.  I don’t know.  I sort of love the idea of me in an office.  Now that Isabel Toledo is doing the Anne Klein line I think there will be some great suits for fall.  And also, then I can send Sebastian a business card.  It can be like “Sophia Schouler – marketing executive for the coolest theater company in New York, like The Citizens Band so I can hang out with Karen Elson.”

And then on the back I’m going to write “I’m not stupid but you’re still a jerk.”



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