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How to Deal With Winter | January 27, 2007

  As you can tell from the fact that our TV show is called SUNSET HEAT, we girls are not fans of the cold weather.

While jetting off to Cabo or Miami is always an option for us, it’s not really an option for most of you (or for me actually because I’m camped out until Factory Girl finally opens next week).

So, here’s a little list of things you can do to make yourself feel more summery when your cab turns into an igloo and walking to brunch is the equivalent of an arctic exploring trip.

Also, I don’t know who invented the phrase “cold comfort” but they were totally deranged. I mean, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the party.  Or something.

Okay 1.  Wear your bikini underneath your cashmere.  This is especially fun if your bikini is print (like Paris’, left) and your cashmere is a little sheer.  A black C&C cashmere tee with a black Burberry print bikini underneath is awesome.

2. Use products with coconut in them to make you smell like the beach.  You should shave your legs with Suave Coconut conditioner bc it works the same as shaving cream but it smells like Hawaii!

3.  Drink margaritas instead of martinis.

4.  Go to a hotel with a hot tub instead of a bar.  The hotel QT may be in midtown, which is gross, but it also lets you go with a bathing suit, drink by the pool all night, and breathe in humid chlorine, which is surprisingly soothing in the winter.

5. Smell sunset heat perfume.  Duh.  That’s cheesy but it always does remind me of my summer.

6.  Put your Versace beach towel on top of your bed and read your favorite magazines in a tank top and shorts.  Turn a heat lamp on next to you and watch DVDs of The O.C.

7. Hibernate.


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